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Model: LXM23AU02M3X


Model: LXM23AU02M3X
range of product
Lexium 23 Plus
product or component type
Motion servo drive
device short name
format of the drive
network number of phases
3 phases
Single phase
[Us] rated supply voltage
220 V single phase (tolerance: – 10…15 %)
220 V 3 phases (tolerance: – 20…15 %)
supply voltage limits
200…255 V single phase
170…255 V 3 phases
supply frequency
50/60 Hz – 5…5 %
network frequency limits
47.5…63 Hz
continuous output current
1.55 A
continuous power
200 W at 220 V
nominal power
0.2 kW at 220 V
maximum leakage current
3.5 mA
output voltage
<= power supply voltage
electrical isolation
Between power and control
type of cable
Twisted shielded pairs cable (single or double) (temperature: 0…55 °C)
electrical connection
Terminal, clamping capacity: 1.3 mm², AWG 16 (L1-L2)
Terminal, clamping capacity: 2.1 mm², AWG 14 (R, S, T)
Terminal, clamping capacity: 0.82 mm², AWG 18 (U, V, W)
Terminal, clamping capacity: 2.1 mm², AWG 14 (PA/+, PBe)
tightening torque
PE (ground): 1.4 N.m
discrete input number
8 programmable discrete input(s)
discrete input type
Programmable (CN1 terminals)
discrete input voltage
12…24 V DC for logic
discrete input logic
Positive or negative (CN1)
discrete output number
discrete output type
Logic output(s) (CN1)12…24 V DC
discrete output voltage
12…24 V DC
analogue input number
absolute accuracy error
0.01 %
analogue input type
V_REF voltage analog input: – 10…10 V, impedance: 10 kOhm
T_REF voltage analog input: – 10…10 V, impedance: 10 kOhm
control signal type
Servo motor encoder feedback
protection type
Against reverse polarity: inputs signal
Against short-circuits: outputs signal
Overcurrent: motor
Overvoltage: motor
Undervoltage: motor
Overheating: motor
Overload: motor
Overspeed: motor
Abnormal pulse control command: drive
communication interface
CANopen, integrated
CANmotion, integrated
connector type
RJ45 (CN3) for CANopen, CANopen Motionbus
method of access
physical interface
2-wire RS485 multidrop for Modbus
transmission rate
125 kbps for bus length of 250…500 m for CANopen, CANmotion
250 kbps for bus length of 100…250 m for CANopen, CANmotion
500 kbps for bus length of 4…100 m for CANopen, CANmotion
1 Mbps for bus length of 4 m for CANopen, CANmotion
number of addresses
1…127 for CANopen, CANmotion
status LED
1 LEDcharge LED
signalling function
Servo status and fault codes five 7-segment display units
type of cooling
Natural convection
operating position
60 mm
162 mm
146 mm
net weight
1.7 kg
EMC filter
Without EMC filter
electromagnetic compatibility
EMC immunity level 3 conforming to EN/IEC 61000-4-2
EMC immunity level 3 conforming to EN/IEC 61000-4-3
EMC immunity level 3 conforming to EN/IEC 61000-4-5
EMC immunity level 4 conforming to EN/IEC 61000-4-4
EMC immunity with additional EMC filter conforming to EN/IEC 61800-3 environments 1 and 2
Conducted and radiated emissions with additional EMC filter conforming to EN/IEC 61800-3 environments 1 and 2 category C2, C3
EN/IEC 61800-5-1
product certifications
CULus 508
IP degree of protection
On upper part: IP20 (without protective cover)
On upper part: IP41 (with protective cover)
vibration resistance
0.075 mm peak to peak (f= 10…57 Hz) conforming to IEC 60068-2-6
1 gn (f= 57…150 Hz) conforming to IEC 60068-2-6
shock resistance
15 gn for 11 ms conforming to IEC 60068-2-27
relative humidity
Class 3K3 (5 to 85 %) without condensation or dripping water conforming to IEC 60721-3-3
ambient air temperature for operation
0…55 °C conforming to UL
ambient air temperature for storage
-20…65 °C
operating altitude
<= 1000 m without derating
> 1000…2000 m with continuous power derating of 1 % per 100 m
Packing Units
Package 1 Weight
1.496 kg
Package 1 Height
1.650 dm
Package 1 width
1.970 dm
Package 1 Length
2.250 dm
Contractual warranty
18 months