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Control software
free programmable with CARE software
programmable with standard ModAL software modules
Hardware inputs input modules available for:

measurement of temperature, relative humidity, pressure etc.
contact status from relays, thermostats etc.
Hardware outputs output modules available for:

control devices like servomotors
switching devices like pumps, ventilators
Operator panels RS232 port available for operator panel XI581AH or XI582AH; this panel can be used for adjustment of setpoints, alarm limits, fixing in/outputs, override functions etc.
Management applications XBS or EBI PC software can be applied for a central operator and all other building automation functions
Stand-alone operation yes
Bus system description
communication bus (C-bus) for data exchange with other EXCEL 5000 controllers and for building automation management systems (max. 30 devices per bus)
LonWorks(R) bus
Transceiver type LonWorks(R) FTT10A
Mounting module to be placed into housing for EXCEL 5000 plug-in modules (XS563/XS564 + XH561)
Protection class IP30
Type of terminals pins for EXCEL 5000 terminal socket XS563/XS564
Memory back-up
for XC5010C: goldcap capacitor for 72 hours buffer
for XC6010: Lithium battery for 30 days buffer
Power supply 24 Vacdc | 40 VA
Additional description
Power supply via module XP502
In a C-bus system the max. number of hardware points is: 128; max. input/output modules: 16 (max. 10 of the same modules)
In a LonWorks(R) system the XC5010C controller provide 512 Network Variables for interoperation
XC6010 32 bit CPU for fast scanning of analogue input signals