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ATV58 500V 5,5KW/HEATSK 380/500V 7,5HP

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ATV58 500V 5,5KW/HEATSK 380/500V 7,5HP

range of product Altivar 58
product or component type Variable speed drive
product destination Asynchronous motors
[Us] rated supply voltage 380…500 V – 10…10 %
supply frequency 50…60 Hz – 5…5 %
network frequency limits 47.5…63 Hz
network number of phases 3 phases
motor power kW 5.5 kW
motor power hp 7.5 hp
line current 17 A at 380 V
13.2 A at 500 V
prospective line Isc 5 kA
continuous output current 13 A
speed drive output frequency 0.1…500 Hz
switching frequency 4 kHz
local signalling 1 graphic display terminal
communication port protocol Modbus
physical interface RS485 multidrop serial link
transmission rate 9.6…19.2 kbauds
height 286 mm
width 175 mm
depth 184 mm
option card Communication card for Profibus DP
Communication card for CANopen
Communication card for DeviceNet
Communication card for Ethernet
Communication card for Fipio
Communication card for Uni-Telway
Communication card for Interbus-S
Communication card for Modbus Plus
Communication card for AS-Interface
IP degree of protection IP21
IP41 on upper part
ambient air temperature for operation 0…40 °C
ambient air temperature for storage -25…70 °C
operating altitude <= 1000 m
> 1000 m with current derating 3 % per 1000 m
Packing Units
Package 1 Weight 7.118 kg
Package 1 Height 2.450 dm
Package 1 width 2.450 dm
Package 1 Length 4.100 dm